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This course and program is designed by our founder, Carl Potak. He created this course (with materials) so more startups start on the right foot with their ideas. Startup ideas should be rigorously validated first and built second. Not enough startups validate their ideas before building them and it often leads to startup failure.  In addition, many are not doing validation correctly. That’s bad for everyone involved.

Idea validation/invalidation is a necessary component of starting a startup. It allows potential startups to learn about and test the market without creating a product or service beforehand. This process, when done properly, provides the essential framework that enables potential founders to form a strong startup with a sound business model and strategy. But of course, that’s only when the idea becomes validated.

If you’ve skipped the idea validation process and have already started building your product or service, then we recommend that you stop right now. Use this course to help you perform all of the necessary idea validation processes that we provide in this course. However, if you’re almost finished building it already, then we’d suggest just finishing your development and doing your best to create traction in your target market.


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