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Online Startup Accelerator Program

Please Note: Our program is not actually closed to non-members. It only appears this way to people who have not signed up yet and it’s system-generated. Once you signup for an accelerator free trial or a subscribe to an accelerator plan, you will be automatically enrolled in it.

Welcome to StartupDevKit’s online startup accelerator program.

Our program is a groundbreaking and disruptive solution for tech startups like you which helps you reduce the amount of mistakes that startups often make which cause them to fail or flounder endlessly.

With an accelerator membership, you’ll be empowering your startup and yourself with a step-by-step program to build, launch, and grow your startup into the potential unicorn it can become.

You’ll have to work collectively as a team and go through this program together if you are to have your best shot at building and growing a profitable startup.

With the education, training, networking, and a massive platform of resources that you get from us, little can stand in the way from you carrying out your startup’s mission.

Stay positive, motivated, and focused as you embark on this new chapter of your fantastic journey.

Like most physical accelerator programs, the first month of our program is used to help your startup get set up. The reason we don’t jump straight into product development is so that you can build the foundation of your startup first and properly prepare yourselves for the future.

There will be primary focuses and secondary focuses each week. But that doesn’t mean that you should only be working on your primary focus.

You and your team should be working on two or more focuses because each of you should be playing different roles and having different functions.

However, because it’s a self-guided program, there are no dedicated mentors.

Instead, you may feel free to reach out for support and ask questions in our forums and you can communicate with others there who are in the program as well.

Our goal is to provide you with process, education, wisdom through the course, networking opportunities, and highly regarded startup industry resources that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Month/Phase 1: Getting Set Up and Building the Foundation for Your Startup
  • Month/Phase 2: Product Development and Marketing
  • Month/Phase 3: Launching + Marketing + Preparing for Fundraising

Months/phases 1-3 have similar elements to a physical accelerator program and can bring you to about the same place as you would be in if you had gone into one, but without the capital and without a set demo day at the end.

However, we’ll be planning a virtual demo day in the future and AMAs with VCs.

Continue the program until the end so you don’t miss out on getting the maximum benefit. Only the most serious and committed of founders and teams will cross the finish line and complete the program.

You set the pace of your progress through the program and it’s self-guided. We don’t have cohorts so you can start and finish when you’re ready. We knew the existing accelerator cohort model was broken because of the fact that everyone starts at different stages, they all have different goals, team sizes, and pace of work.

We also knew and implemented this before any of the other accelerators like 500 Startups had the foresight to fix it until recently.

If you can follow along and complete the lessons for each week, then that’s amazing. Otherwise, don’t feel bad if you are behind in “the schedule” because you’re on your own schedule.

Almost every startup has delays in one way or another, despite their best intentions. It’s the nature of life — most things don’t usually go according to plan.

But some things do go according to plan, and we encourage you to try your hardest to stay on track.

If you don’t finish the program within the time frame of your membership subscription, then you can easily renew your subscription or upgrade/downgrade to any other accelerator subscription to your desired time frame.

The larger your team, if you’re all working together, the quicker you should be able to complete each lesson. The smaller the team, the longer it will take.

Alright, founders! Let’s start getting you rolling!

Side Note for Solo founders: you’ll almost definitely need to outsource work to keep a good pace of development and growth. Use virtual assistants, consultants or freelancers, and/or agencies to help you with monotonous work or work that’s out of your scope so you can focus on the greatest drivers of your development and growth. Definitely have cash on hand to use from your personal savings – around $10-20k USD unless you can find angel investment to offset that. But we recommend you find co-founders if you’re a solo founder. Don’t be a solo founder unless you absolutely have to.