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Please Note: Our program is not actually closed. It only appears this way to people who have not signed up yet and it’s system-generated. Once you signup for an incubator free trial or a subscribe to an incubator plan, you will be automatically enrolled in it.

Welcome to StartupDevKit’s online startup incubator program!

This program is built to help potential startups avert startup failure due to bad decisions made during the idea stage. 90% of startups fail and too many founders fail due to a lack of due diligence that should have been done during the startup idea validation process.

Idea validation/invalidation is a necessary component of building a successful startup. Startup ideas should be rigorously validated first and built second. Our program enables potential startups to learn about and test the market without creating an actual product or service beforehand.

This process, when done properly, provides the essential framework that enables potential founders to form a strong startup with a sound business model and strategy. But of course, that’s only when the idea becomes validated.

Our program will help you limit many of the huge mistakes that startups make by addressing these issues early and providing you with a framework to get things done right. This saves you money, time, and stress. So if you have a new startup idea, now is the time to seize the moment and join our incubator program.

If you’ve skipped idea validation thus far and you’re interested in our incubator program, and you have already started building your product or service, then we recommend that you stop building right now until you validate it – unless you’re too far along to stop and have a nearly finished product.

Otherwise, if you’re further along, we recommend that you build it as a minimum viable product and validate it through our incubator program to your best ability while testing out the MVP. You will still be able to make good use of the information you learn in the program and you’ll be better equipped to test your product with potential customers.