Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) photo

Who is StartupDevKit for?

Startups!  Both tech and non-tech alike.

If you’re looking to learn how to code to develop a specific tech startup idea, don’t try it.  This site will not be for you.

Marketing and human behavior can more easily be learned, as opposed to learning programming.

However, we will show you what you need to do to build your MVP (minimum viable product) and have it developed by a 3rd party developer.

This development kit is immensely useful for both tech and non-tech startups because it provides essential information that teaches you almost everything a founder needs to know to become successful in your space.


Is StartupDevKit only for startups or can other businesses benefit from it too?

StartupDevKit isn’t just for startups and can be used for other businesses too.  

Many of the materials in here can be applied towards most businesses, especially the marketing resources, public relations resources, and the startup resources center.

However, some materials are strictly for launching startups such as our pitch deck template, How to Launch a Startup: A Step-by-Step Checklist, the executive summary guide and its template, the venture capital firm directory.


How does StartupDevKit differ from sites like Startup Stash, Growth Supply, Startup Resources, Startup Toolkit and other resource websites?

We differ in several ways.

For starters, we are not just a website with a cache of resources. Rather, we are a company that helps start & grow easier, faster, & smarter using custom-made guides, explainers, templates, lists, and other helpful resources to ease the burdens for entrepreneurs. StartupDevKit empowers entrepreneurs and founders like you throughout the idea validation, building, launching, and growth processes. 

Moreover, none of those resource websites offer instantly viewable descriptions and reviews about each tool and resource listed.  We care about giving entrepreneurs immediately available information, so you don’t have to go click on every website and waste time figuring out what they do.

We’re Providing You With Guides Across Multiple Disciplines Such As:

  • Management Best Practices
  • Productivity
  • Lean Startup Growth Best Practices
  • Marketing and Its Many Sub-disciplines
  • Growth Hacking
  • Public Relations
  • Startup Failure Awareness and Prevention
  • Fundraising
  • And More

We provide you with templates to help you:

  • Get organized with your operations
  • Help you with market research
  • Help you get funding from investors


What makes StartupDevKit different from and better than all of the other startup help websites, startup courses, and accelerators?

1) StartupDevKit has over 50 different custom-tailored startup development materials easily available to purchase and download all at once.


You spending weeks browsing all across the internet looking to find the information you need to help you launch and grow your startup.  Most websites offering informational resources for startups lack a significant amount of material to give startup founders a near-complete education on startup development.


  • You will never be able to find all of the documents offered by StartupDevKit in one download anywhere else.  
  • You can conveniently bring them on-the-go with you just about anywhere you have access to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


2) StartupDevKit has much lower prices, saving you $1500 or more.


Extremely high price points everywhere else, depending on the startup course or program. Most will cost you hundreds of dollars a month or an enormous one-time payment!


3) Other startup help sites and startup courses rarely touch on the importance of understanding why startup failure occurs and what best practices will help you avoid making mistakes that will contribute to your failure.  Being that 70-90% of startups fail, this is enormously important.  

StartupDevKit’s founder has identified over 70 root causes for the top 20 reasons for startup failure and shows how to avoid those pitfalls with our supplemental book, Startup Suvival Secrets.


4) Most of our competitors only show a small to a medium-sized chunk of the necessary information that new and repeat founders need to consume to create a thriving startup using best-practices.

Whereas StartupDevKit offers nearly all of the information needed for startup founders, all in one place.


“Achieving product-market fit and finding the right teammates/co-founders are two of the hardest things to do. How will StartupDevKit help me in those areas?”

Product-Market Fit

  • Attaining product-market fit is indeed difficult for millions of startups, and each year over 300 million startups are born.  But, 90% of startups die, in large part, because their ideas are bad.  
  • StartupDevKit gives you the information and resources you need to discover whether or not your startup idea is worth pursuing, saving you years of time and thousands of dollars.
  • We show you how you can build customer profiles of your target customer(s).
  • We show you where else to get feedback on your idea or MVP (minimum viable product).
  • If your idea is worth pursuing, StartupDevKit shows you the processes to make refinements in your product/service and your messaging so that you can gain a larger market share of users/customers. 
  • Rather than guessing on what needs improvement, we show you how to make decisions that are data-driven and hold scientific merit.
  • We use and give you the resources for the lean startup development formula and growth hacking (laid out in our custom-made growth hacking guide for startups).
  • Sometimes it’s tough to know whether people don’t like your product or if your marketing isn’t driving enough qualified traffic to your website.  That’s why we provide you with numerous marketing guides so you can enact tons of organic (free) traffic-building marketing tactics to attract your target customers.  This will give you a better idea on how your target market responds to your product or service.

Co-Founders / Teammates

  • Finding the right co-founder is almost like finding the right person to marry.  It’s an extremely important aspect of a startup that can make or break it.  
  • Because it’s so important, we wrote a guide called: “How to Find and Vet Startup Co-Founders”
  • Setting the right company culture is important from the start.  That’s why we gathered the best tips for you to use from the most successful companies from the startup world so you can attract top talent.


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