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Are you having trouble with your business and you just don’t know why you aren’t making enough money?

Do you want to get advice from a seasoned professional who can help you get on the right track with your business idea or existing business?

Would you like to learn the methods that will help your business become sustainable?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then our founder and CEO, Carl Potak, can mentor you to help you learn what to do and help you get to the next steps and beyond.

About Our Startup Mentor, Carl Potak

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Based in New York

  • Carl knows the ins and outs of early-stage startup development and will give you actionable feedback and advice on what you can do to take your startup to the next level.
  • He has an Inbound Marketing certification by HubSpot Academy and has a Google Analytics certification by Google Academy.
  • Carl has been building, growing, and consulting startups since 2007. Carl has also done tech recruiting, marketed for other startups, and worked in the promotional marketing industry for years. He founded three other startups: EduDating, HireTicket, and the Potak Post.
  • Carl helped launch and build the user-base of the largest network of co-founders in the world — CoFoundersLab. He did this through creating a social media strategy, doing social media marketing, and sales.
  • He’s built five websites with WordPress, including StartupDevKit, all on his own .
  • Carl has a unique ability to audit websites to find out what’s wrong, increase traffic, increase email and sales conversions through copywriting, create stronger lead flows through funnel-building, and designing high-performing lead magnets.
  • Carl is the author of Startup Survival Secrets, a book about the top 20 reasons why startups fail, their root causes, what you can do to prevent them and what you can do instead. The book’s manuscript is complete but it is being edited before he releases it.
  • Political campaigns are like startups and Carl has worked on them since 2004. He’s managed a U.S. congressional campaign, has run a county-wide program to help elect Hillary Clinton to the US Senate in NY (2006), has been the Vice President of the Nassau County Young Democrats for 6 years and still remains in this role, and Carl actively helps to organize for local, state, and national races. These skills he built are transitive and are applied to his work with startups. Carl majored in political science and got his Bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University.


tom mclaughlin, founder and ceo of, a blockchain startup“StartupDevKit has been indispensable for my startup with the wealth of different resources, the mentoring, and feedback I’ve received from its Founder, Carl Potak.I would implore any startup founder to tap into his knowledge, the vast startup resources this platform has to offer, and will continue to bring.” — Thomas McLaughlin, Jr. Co-Founder and CEO, Blockstake
Reza Salatini - Founder and CEO of MyCleverCalories“I’ve been in the market to find a startup incubator that’s convenient to join and has very effective solutions from development to marketing. StartupDevKit has helped me to get on the right track, stay focused on my business, and avoid mistakes I would have made on my own. The platform is easy to use and there’s so much quality content in the blog and incubator platform – it’s really great. I’m happy I decided to work with Carl at StartupDevKit.” — Reza Salatini, Founder and CEO, Clever Calories
“As a virtual reality gaming and content studio that started in mid-2018, it was hard finding people who believed in us and our vision. We stumbled upon StartupDevKit and Carl after looking around for startup mentoring platforms. Carl told us upfront he wasn’t overly familiar with the VR industry, but said he could still provide us with meaningful support and expert knowledge. Now 3 months later we can say he was right. Not only has he given us great advice but he’s also helped to keep the team motivated and focused. We look forward to continuing to work with Carl and watching StartupDevKit grow.”  – The Team at DVNC, DVNC Tech, LLC

Our Process

We generally need some preliminary information before you can schedule a consultation. We ask for it so that we can understand your situation as best as possible to provide you with the best direction. Please see below:

  1. Fill out our consulting application to give us background information and insight into your startup.
  2. Your responses are reviewed and then we reply and talk to you about it.
  3. We provide you with a pricing quote.
  4. Once we both agree on the quote, which must be in writing, we then send you an email with the calendar link to book your session and you’re sent a link to our payment gateway. Payment occurs prior to our session.
  5. Have the consultation session on Skype or telephone and determine if additional sessions are needed at the end of the session.

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