Program Courses

Welcome! You can find our available idea validation course on this page.  Our accelerator program will be a 3 – 5 month course and you’ll find it here once it’s released in early to mid 2020. Like most online courses, both of these courses are self-guided. Whats more, there’s no date-based schedule, so you can take as long or as little as you need to complete either of them.

Idea Validation Course

The idea validation course is for people who have not yet validated their startup idea. It helps you build the foundation for your startup during this process, as well. By using this course, you’ll increase your odds of success considerably. That’s because the #1 reason why startups fail is there’s no market need for their product or service. And, successfully validating your startup idea helps to prevent that.

Accelerator Program

The accelerator program is for you if you’ve validated your startup idea and want a process, lessons, and resources to help accelerate growth to the point of raising capital and scaling up. In addition, you can enter the accelerator program at any startup stage — as long as you’re still an early stage startup.


As a free trial user, you can sample both of these courses. However, access to them in full requires a membership subscription.