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Welcome! You’ve found program courses page! Here, you can find our self-guided 15 lesson 1-3 month idea validation course from our Incubator Program and our 45 lesson 3-month + course from our Accelerator Program.

There’s no date-based schedule and no cohorts for either, so you can actually take as long or as little time as you need to complete either of them as long as you have the appropriate membership subscription for each.

You can find the courses below, with short descriptions beneath the course widgets, as well.

What a lot of People Don’t Realize:  What a True Startup is and What a Startup Idea Is

Let’s define what a startup is and isn’t before you decide to sign up to our Incubator or Accelerator Programs.

A startup is focused around a product or particular service you’ve created that’s filling a market need from a gap in the market. If your business idea revolves around a product or service that you can replicate somewhat easily and a mass market wants it, then you have a true startup idea on your hands!  A startup has to be able to scale reasonably quick, have a unique advantage, and be profitable.

What Isn’t a Startup

Let’s use some real-world examples so you can see the contrast.

Many agencies consider themselves startups. You can have an agency “startup” but it’s not really a startup, as it’s not unique, not scalable, and not filling a real need in the market. There are millions of agencies. Agencies are also not scalable because the product cannot be reproduced easily at scale. Each job is a custom job.

Restaurants are not startups. Mom and pop stores are not startups. Even though both are capable of creating additional stores way down the line. These are all small businesses.

Incubator Program

The idea validation course from our Incubator program is for you if you have a startup idea that you want to pursue but have not yet validated the startup idea. It helps you build the foundation for your startup during this process, as well. By taking this course, you’ll increase your odds of success considerably. That’s because the #1 reason why startups fail is there’s no market need for their product or service. And, successfully validating your startup idea through our Incubator Program vastly helps to prevent that.

Accelerator Program

The accelerator program is for you if you’ve validated your startup idea and want a process, lessons, and resources to help accelerate growth to the point of raising capital and scaling up. In addition, you can enter the accelerator program at any startup stage after the idea validation stage — as long as you’re still an early stage startup.


As a free trial user, you can sample both of these courses. However, access to them in full requires a membership subscription.