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Startup Survival Secrets

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Why 90% of Startups Fail and How to Make Yours Thrive

Billions of dollars are poured into startups every year and U.S. venture capital investment reached 70B again in 2017. Yet amazingly, even with that much capital coming in, 70% of venture-backed startups still fail and 90% of startups fail overall.

What’s worse, the failure rate has not decreased as a result in venture capital investment.

What could be the cause of this?

Well, for starters, startups often don’t learn why startups fail. Part of that reason is because there hasn’t been a definitive resource to educate people enough about it. So the same mistakes keep getting repeated time and time again. That’s a large reason why I, Carl Potak, StartupDevKit’s Founder/CEO, wrote this book.

There are other reasons why — plenty. So much so that Startup Survival Secrets was based off of the top 20 reasons why startups fail, according to the CB Insights study on it — detailing stories of founders whose startups failed and were surveyed and interviewed to find out why.

This study enabled me to analyze the startup industry’s worst problem and dirtiest little secret that keeps getting swept under the rug: startup failure.

And in Startup Survival Secrets, I went deep into the top 20 reasons why startups fail and broke down every reason why along with their root causes to get to the heart of each issue.

Then I wrote about what can be done to prevent each root cause from occurring, and what to do instead. So if you’re reading it, you can prevent the mistakes that previous founders committed. And you can then build and grow your startup smarter and faster by being better informed and avoiding the same mistakes.

I believe that education, training, access to the right resources, founder psychology, and positive behavioral modifications can help our great startup community heal and enhance our success rate. Startup Survival Secrets definitely helps with those five sectors — yes even resources.

StartupDevKit’s Incubator and Accelerator Programs help you with all of that and more, but Startup Survival Secrets digs into startup failure more than anything else, so you might not want to skip it and add it to the top of your reading list queue.

Learn why 90% of startups fail and prevent unwanted blunders through Startup Survival Secrets.

You can read any of the below linked chapters completely free.

Table of Contents


top 20 reasons for startup failure

Chapters 1 – 20

1) No Market Need (42%)
2) Ran Out Of Cash (29%)
3) Not the Right Team (23%)
4) Got Outcompeted (19%)
5) Pricing/Cost Issues (18%)
6) Poor Product (17%)
7) Need/Lack a Business Model (17%)
8) Poor Marketing (14%)
9) Ignored Customers (14%)
10) Product Mis-Timed (13%)
11) Lose Focus (13%)
12) Disharmony on Team/Investors (13%)
13) Pivot Gone Bad (10%)
14) Lack Passion (9%)
15) Bad Location (9%)
16) No Financing/Investor Interest (8%)
17) Legal Challenges (8%)
18) Don’t Use Network/Advisors (8%)
19) Burn Out (8%)
20) Failure to Pivot (7%)

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