Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos

The purpose of this marketing videos page is to help you gain insights into all aspects of marketing, including growth hacking, so you can use this information to your advantage by incorporating what you’ve learned within your own startup. More videos will be posted to fill out other categories.

Categorized alphabetically.


Email Marketing

Growth and Growth Hacking

3 Steps to Make Growth Hacking Predictable by Joshua Fechter – Ascent Tech Conference


Lessons Learned on What Drives a Serial Entrepreneur to Keep Building – Ascent Tech Conference

Hosted by Kevin Delaney, Editor in Chief & Co-President, Quartz, where he interviews Kevin Ryan, Founder and Chairman of MongoDB.


Neil Patel talks about growth hacking at the 2014 Pioneers Festival in the video below.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Neil Patel talks about 6 funnel optimization strategies guaranteed to double your growth.


Achieving Rapid Scale for Growth-Stage Startups – Ascent Tech Conference

Greg Marsh, Founder and CEO – Keyme
Kathryn Minshew, Co-founder and CEO – The Muse
Matt Teran, Co-founder and CEO – Managed by Q

From Zero to $60MM: Lessons Learned from Hyper-Growth – Ascent Tech Conference

A discussion with Justin Oates, Founder and CEO of Justworks, and with Matt Harris, Managing Director of Bain Capital Ventures.

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