About Us

behind the scenes at StartupDevKit

Our Mission

Reinventing the startup incubator and accelerator experience so the startup world can become more empowered, educated, and successful than ever before.

Our Vision for the Future

We want to empower millions of capable startups through our programs and platform.

Eventually, we’d like to create software that will continue to add value to the startups in our programs by making it easier for founders and their teams to plan, build, and grow their startups into bonafide companies.

In addition, we’d love to eventually open our own fund and invest in fellow world-changing startups.

Why We LOVE Startups ❤️

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We love the diversity, equity, and inclusion that this new age of startups is bringing to the world. It's long overdue to finally start seeing this taking shape and how it's influencing the rest of the corporate world.

Innovation Rocks 🤘

We love how startups are innovating to create new opportunities, fixing problems that people face everyday to enhance our lives, and creating new jobs. We're looking forward to helping you innovate!

Personal Fulfillment

Many people feel like what they do does not make a difference in the world anymore. Startups give people the opportunity to do something meaningful and make an impact in their own way. #MeaningfulPurpose

The Startup Community

The startup community is the best! Even though there's competition amongst companies and different communities, there's also a ton of support for one another - and we love that. We're all in it together, as a collective startup community, and we want to support you. So let's grow, together. 🚀

We Know What it's Like to Be In Your Shoes

We understand what it’s like to be a startup, whether you’re bootstrapping or looking to raise investment. We are not just an incubator and accelerator, but a startup, as well!

The ups and downs that founders experience in startups can make it hard to gain meaningful traction and stay focused, especially when you’re developing your product or service and keeping your head down.

You’re either:

  • Devoting time to work on your startup after your day job and on weekends
  • You’ve quit your full time job to work on your startup
  • You’re coming out of college and have the flexibility of staying at your parents’ house while working to build and grow the next big thing
  • Or you’ve launched already and are looking to optimize your operations and raise investment

We’ve been there from every perspective.

Startups can be a lot of fun and rewarding when things are going well, but when things are not it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, having to support yourself, your team, and customer demands.

We know how these demands feel and we’re here to help because your progression as a person and as a startup towards becoming successful is important to us.

You want your contribution to the world to mean something, and that’s important to us too. Your dream is our dream.

Something that we’ve learned throughout our years of experience is that building a startup is both an art and a science and you’ve got to create that equilibrium both internally and externally.

Customers and users these days expect a top-notch experience from brands.

So, unless you know how to balance the two, things are likely to get lopsided in one direction, whether that’s in your marketing, sales, user experience, leadership, team, technology, etc.

However, these are only a few examples of things that can contribute towards becoming one of the 90% of startups that fail.

We know it’s tough to be a founder. That’s why founders need all of the support they can get and why we’re devoted to making your life easier while learning, building, and growing your startup through the solutions we have created.

We support founders and their teams by empowering them with structured content from our incubator and accelerator programs, amazingly helpful resources, and by providing them with meaningful support through mentoring and community.

Ingrained in us, is a deep desire to reduce the suffering you and countless others will experience during the startup process. We are here to help your startup learn from the the successes and failures that our founder Carl, and millions of other founders have had.

This way, you and your team can make the best choices that will lead you towards becoming a success.

We are helping startups learn, build, and grow as best as possible to not only build the startup of their dreams, but help them live your best lives while doing it.

Join us and become part of the solution and revolution to build a better startup.

Meet Our Founder

Read About His Journey and How StartupDevKit Got Started

Meet our Founder and CEO, Carl Potak. Carl’s goal in life is to make our world a better place to live in. He’s been working towards this goal socially, entrepreneurially, technologically, environmentally, and even politically. And he’s even more driven by the desire to reduce suffering in our world.

Over the past seven years, Carl has been focused on helping the startup community reduce their suffering because 90% of startups fail, and he’s experienced the bitterness of it before, as well.

Those experiences drove him to learn as much about entrepreneurship and startups as possible by reading, listing to podcasts, watching videos, going to conferences, meetup events, building relationships with other entrepreneurs, and applying those lessons in real life with his and other organizations he worked in. 

The results were outstanding and he was confident he could use his experiences to help others in the startup world on a larger scale.

He set out to build an online incubator and accelerator that would scale so that anyone could benefit from it and to write a book on startup failure and success so that more people could prevent mistakes that cause up to 90% of startups to fail.

Having experienced entrepreneurial success, but also the bitter taste of startup failure, he wanted to prevent more people from that fate and it became his mission.

Just like the Lean Startup had created a revolution in the startup world, he hoped that both StartupDevKit’s incubator and accelerator programs, and his book, would help to create a similar revolution and empower people to make better, more informed decisions that would help them become successful with their ventures.

The Twists and Turns He Never Saw Coming

As Carl embarked on this mission, Carl experienced considerable adversity in both building this company and in his personal life that slowed him down.

His quest to find compatible high-level cofounders, especially a technical co-founder, did not work out and he couldn’t wait any longer so he had to build StartupDevKit on his own.

On his journey, Carl dealt with events like crippling website problems, getting hacked, the deaths of many loved ones, and freak injuries that all created a wicked domino effect.

While these events slowed him, they did not stop him, and Carl persevered through these challenges, learning from each one along the way, and resolved to beat every obstacle and win over them.

The Tortoise Wins the Race 🚀 

Slowly but surely, Carl developed the website, our incubator and accelerator programs, all versions of our platform, built the resource library, the forums, wrote all of the content, wrote 97% of the blog articles, and he’s been mentoring startups as a service. Everything you see and read was created by him.

Carl also finished writing his book’s first full draft and is editing it now. High five! 🙌

The book is about the top 20 reasons why startups fail by CB Insights, the root causes to each reason, how to avoid them, and what to do instead. He used both research and personal experiences to analyze the top reasons why startups fail and was able to derive root causes from them. 

He’s called the book, Startup Survival Secrets, and he is planning on releasing it early 2022, whether that’s via self-publishing or through a publisher.

You may be wondering, how in the world did he do ALL OF THAT?!

How He Did It

Carl built up experience in many disciplines by learning and doing, educating himself, other professionals sharing their knowledge with him, going to conferences, and through his entrepreneurial pursuits. This enabled him to become a generalist with specialties in marketing and entrepreneurship.

Previously, Carl founded other startups in the past such as EduDating and HireTicket, led marketing for Ascent Conference and OnTrajectory. He’s consulted startups, did tech recruiting for Robert Half Technology, did marketing and sales at CoFoundersLab with the original founding team, did marketing and customer success at a promotional marketing company, and has developed websites for his personal projects.

Carl has been a part of the tech startup scene since 2007 when he started his first startup, EduDating, at his college Binghamton University, during his senior year.

Get Mentored and See Results

We Help You Solve Your Problems So You Can Help Your Customers Solve Theirs

If you become part of our incubator or accelerator programs, you will have the opportunity to get mentoring from Carl as an additional service.

He will help guide you through your journey and provide advice to help you plan, grow, point out potential pitfalls and market opportunities, and help you get past roadblocks you will experience.


Your Dream is Our Mission

Are You Ready To Transform Your Startup?

Make today the day that your startup begins its next chapter of your amazing future!

  • Save time, money, and frustration when compared to not following a program.
  • Get step-by-step instruction and eliminate the guesswork.
  • Receive mentoring at a reduced cost.
  • Learn how to raise investment the right way.
  • Reduce stress and increase productivity.
  • Build on your existing skills and learn new skills.
  • Network with other like-minded startups through our communities.
  • Get discounted services

Get all of this from the comfort of your own home.  What more can you ask for?!

Start experiencing these benefits through our incubator and accelerator programs and transform your journey today.