About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower both startups and potential founders worldwide with the information and resources that will help them start, build, and grow into successful companies. We believe we can address the problem of startup failure by attacking its roots.

We’re doing this by giving founders and their teams the information they need to help them make the right decisions and providing the resources needed to reduce friction in the startup process, increase productivity, and most of all — increase the number of successful and sustainable startups. 

Our Philosophies

The Problems with Startups and the Startup Industry

We believe that entrepreneurs should be empowered as much as possible. Innovation is the lifeblood of our global economy. However, there are barriers to entry and barriers to success that startups experience throughout the process, and even more so for first-time founders.

90 – 95% of startups are rejected from startup accelerators due to capacity, quality, and selectivity.

90% of startups fail overall.

70% of venture-backed startups fail.

There are surely many applicants who show promise or need the extra push in the right direction but don’t get in.  And surely, many of those startups who have failed, could have succeeded if their founders and/or their teams knew enough at the time to make better decisions, had formed a better team, or had been able to raise investment. We believe we can play a part in reducing these barriers.


Help reduce barriers to entry and barriers to success.

The better we become, then the better our startups collectively become. If you grow yourself mentally and educationally to bring yourself to the next level in your job, then your startup will be more likely to succeed.

And with the right mindsets and skills, you can achieve just about anything you set your mind to achieve.


Our goal is to provide startups with the content and tools they need to learn what to do and how to do it. Without education on startup best practices, startups are often misinformed in so many ways. Eventually, this lack of information causes 90% of startups to fail. 

Education enables founders and startup-related organizations to:

  • Learn how to validate/invalidate products/services properly
  • To better ourselves personally
  • Build better teams
  • Build stronger foundations for our startups
  • Learn how to grow sustainably
  • And among many other benefits, to learn from others’ mistakes that caused their startups to fail


We make it easy for founders and their teams to access as many resources as possible — all in one place. This provides knowledge and resources, reduces friction, limits annoying browser tabs, saves time, saves energy, and saves money.

Examples of these resources are templates, videos, in-depth articles, regular articles, how to guides, helpful lists, growth studies, whitepapers, interviews, and select podcast episodes.

Save Time and Money

Time and money are both incredibly valuable to anyone, but even more so for a startup because they’re time sensitive. We help you save both time and money.

By empowering entrepreneurs and organizations like yours with our incubator and accelerator platform, you’ll save both time and money by having easy access to much of the best content for startups all in one platform.

What’s more, prospective founders who are trying to validate a startup idea will have crucial information at their fingertips.

You can save ~9 hours a week or 40 hours a month, which translates to 480 hours a year!

The math shows that our platform saves entrepreneurs like yourself who are making $41/hour, will save approximately $20,000 a year.

Therefore, the time that would have been spent creating and/or looking for developmental and growth resources can get re-invested back into you and your startup’s development and growth.

Win win.

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