About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the 90% startup failure rate and increase the 10% success rate by empowering early-stage startups and related organizations with the education, resources, and guidance to become world-class founders and companies so our entrepreneurial ecosystem and world can thrive.

Our Philosophy

Attack the Problem

We believe that entrepreneurs should be empowered as much as possible because it’s evident that they’re not. Not enough. Not when 90% of startups fail and so few startups (1%) get accepted into startup accelerators, leaving them to fend for themselves.

The root causes of these terrible statistics are poor mindsets, a lack of education (which can take various forms), a lack of easily available resources that everyone needs to develop and grow, and wasteful spending. 


“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Each of us has untapped and unlimited potential to learn and grow past our preconceived limitations. We have the power to overcome any and all obstacles we face, but people need to believe in themselves that they can.

We believe that with the right mindsets, you can achieve just about anything you set your mind to achieve. That’s why we focus so much on personal growth. The better we become, then the better our startups become.

Education in Startup Development and Growth

Education is the light which illuminates one’s path and our goal is to provide startups with the content and tools they need to learn what to do and how to do it. Without education on startup best practices, startups have no idea what they’re doing and it causes them to fail 90% of the time.

Education enables founders and startup-related organizations to learn how to validate/invalidate our products/services properly, to better ourselves personally, build better teams, build stronger foundations for our startups, learn how to grow sustainably, and learn from others’ mistakes that caused their startups to fail.


We believe that it’s important for founders and startup-related organizations to have all of the necessary startup resources easily accessible in one place.  Examples of these resources are templates, videos, how to guides, helpful lists, growth studies, whitepapers, interviews, and educational podcast episodes.

Saving Money and Time

You’re trying to save money in every way. So are we. High burn rates are bad and we know startups want have to subscribe to too many tools and services.

For these reasons, we wanted to empower entrepreneurs and organizations like yours with our incubator and accelerator platforms to help you save both time and money by having easy access to the best content for startups on the web while also being able to get mentoring from us.

Our platforms save entrepreneurs that make at least $41/hour $20,000 by saving approximately 480 hours that would have been spent researching for the hundreds of specialized development and growth resources we have.

Our Founder

Carl Potak at Global Synergy Forum

Our Founder, Carl Potak, has worked on several startups since 2007 and he made it his business to learn everything about them.

For over a decade, Carl has been attending startup meetups, conferences, talking with venture capitalists and fellow founders, reading blog posts from industry leaders, reading startup books, and researching pain points on forums.

Moreover, he’s had both failures and successes but he’s always learned from them.

Carl has the mentality of finding the gaps in markets to create unique solutions, and that’s what startups are all about.

He helped build early and late traction for the first website where startup founders could find other people looking to join/build startups, called CoFoundersLab.

In addition, he previously noticed there was no solution out there to find business partners, which was frustrating.

But Carl happened to find the founders of CoFoundersLab when it was being built.

And when it launched, Carl helped build traction by doing customer development, sales, marketing strategy, and social media marketing.

CoFounderslab is now the largest network of startup founders on the globe and was acquired by OneVest and then acquired by Business Rockstars.