Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find information about our online startup incubator and accelerator in this FAQ page.

Who Can Use StartupDevKit’s Online Startup Incubator and Accelerator?

What’s the difference between your online incubator and accelerator and who are they for?


Our online startup incubator helps aspiring entrepreneurs who are pre-product with not yet validated startup ideas. This helps potential founders to find out whether or not their startup idea is worth pursuing further.

We provide an idea validation/invalidation course and tons of resources to help you successfully test out your idea. This prevents people from wasting years and thousands of dollars on turning startup ideas into startups that won’t pan out. What’s more, the idea validation course also prepares you for our 3-month accelerator program.


Our accelerator program is coming soon. It will be for startups who already validated their idea and are ready to start building, growing, and fundraising. It’s a three-month course that’s paired with the platform resources. In the platform, we have lots of growth-based content in different verticals that will help you grow and scale.

What types of startups will benefit the most from your platform and programs?

Early-stage startups from pre-idea validation, to pre-seed, to seed-stage.

Can my venture capital firm or university entrepreneurship program use your platform?

Yes – enterprise plans are available for these types of institutions.

Can our agency use your incubator and accelerator?

Yes, your agency can use it. However, because agencies aren’t scalable, much of the advice based on traditional startups won’t apply. But you can use our platform to help you help other startups that need outsourced assistance from your agency.

Program Details

Why pay for a membership to StartupDevKit when I can apply to a physical accelerator?

Did you know that between 95% and 99% of startups applying to physical accelerators don’t get accepted in those programs? It’s easier to get into an ivy league university, so good luck!

Do you know what do all of the startups do who don’t get accepted into physical accelerators? They search for alternatives and that’s where we come in. With StartupDevKit, you get a process to follow via course content, a huge platform of resources to help you, community, and more. 90% of startups fail so startups need all of the help they can get.

Spoiler title

The idea validation course will generally take between two weeks and month to complete.

Do I have to apply to get into your incubator and/or accelerator?

You don’t have to apply for the incubator unless you want a premium plan which includes mentoring. Then we’ll screen you for that.

We have a basic application for the accelerator program. Here’s how it goes: We ask if you’ve completed idea validation. Then, we ask a couple of brief questions to see which phase your startup is in. But that’s pretty much it. If you’ve completed idea validation then you’ll get accepted into the accelerator.

How long does the accelerator program take to complete?

The accelerator program will take three to six months, depending on your pace of work, team-size, and outsourced projects.

Can I join the incubator or accelerator at any time or do I have to wait?

You can join at any time!

Do you provide seed funding from your incubator and accelerator?

We don’t provide funding right now. However, this helps you save equity for when you fundraise. Moreover, this will increase your startup’s valuation when those fundraising rounds occur because you’ll have more equity to use for fundraising.

Do you help me find investors?

No and yes. No because we do not directly help you find investors. But yes because we have really helpful lists of both angel investors and venture capital firms. They’ll help you find investors quicker (saving you 50+ hrs and money).

Do I automatically get mentoring if I sign up for a paid membership?

Unfortunately, no. We wish we could mentor everyone who signs up, but we can’t be sustainable if we do that. There’s a premium plan that includes mentoring and it has mentoring costs built into it. However, we have a limited number of premium plans available. But you can still ask us questions while on a pro membership!

Platform Questions

Are your startup resources just lists and checklists or is there more to it than that?

While we have lots of great lists and checklists, we have much more than them on our platform.

It has curated and original articles from industry leaders, templates, excellent video series, select podcast episodes, presentation decks, and more.

However, there are a several lists in particular that you’ll find especially helpful:  1) Our startup tools list of over 550 startup tools, 2) venture capital firm lists, 3) a press contact list, and more.

Whats more, you will save $20,000 worth of time spent (~480 hours) from hunting for the right startup resources. Awesomeness!

Who do you source your curated content from?

Venture capitalists, their firms, successful tech companies, authors, serial founders, top-tier entrepreneurial sites, and leading universities.

Some specific examples of who we source our content from are:

Nextview Ventures, First Round Review, Y-Combinator, 500 Startups, Stanford University, Google for Entrepreneurs, Sumo, The Startup Chat podcast, The Lean Startup, Lifehack, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Google Ventures, HubSpot, and more.

Do you have a startup network and/or an online community?

Yes. We have a Facebook group and Slack community which are free to join and are for open networking.

Misc Questions

Can I receive discounts from your partners?

Yes, we have a member perks and benefits page with available discounts from participating partners. They’re available after purchasing a membership.

Any other questions?

Shoot us a line to info at startupdevkit dot com (this helps avoid spam) and we’ll be happy to assist you. Thanks for checking out our FAQ!

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