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StartupDevKit is a subscription-based online incubator and accelerator for startups, with courses, resources, mentoring, and community.

Through these offerings, we’re helping potential founders with ideation and validation; and current founders with foundation building, the development process, growing their team, launching, growth, fundraising, and more.

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2 days 4 hours ago

🔥 Unlock Your Potential: Supercharge Your Startup with our Accelerator Program! 🔥 Are you ready to take your startup to new heights? Our accelerator program is designed to help you build a world-class company and achieve rapid growth. Here's why you should join: ✅ Flexibility and Affordability: No need to quit your day job! Our program offers a subscription-based model that fits your schedule and budget, allowing you to learn, build, and grow at your own pace. ✅ Strong Foundation for Success: Many startups fail due to a weak foundation. With our accelerator, you'll gain the essential knowledge and skills

Startup Dev Kit

2 weeks 1 hour ago

⚡ New startups, learn what goes on inside the #startup investor's mind 🧠 by renowned venture capitalist, Tim Draper. #fundraising #venturecapital #investment #preseed #seedstage #founder #duediligence #entrepreneur #startup #startups #foudners #entreprenuership

Startup Dev Kit

2 weeks 19 hours ago

While it's important to have a couple of revenue streams for a startup, if you could create another stream of income and expand your #brand for your #startup simultaneously with a small time investment, wouldn't that be awesome? No, it's not too good to be true. #ChatGPT actually enables us to do that now. Thomas Garetz on YouTube (who has over half a million subscribers) has shown us how to make that happen by making viral videos using ChatGPT, a couple other tools, and making cheddar from YouTube shorts. Check out this video to learn how he does it!

Startup Dev Kit

2 weeks 1 day ago

⚡ Massively expand your capabilities with ChatGPT+ using plugins. Check out this awesome post we found about just that! 👉 How To Use Third-Party Plugins In ChatGPT? 80+ Plugins Just Added by ChatGPT For Public by Arham Islam from Marktechpost

Startup Dev Kit

2 weeks 3 days ago

Forming a startup with co-founders is a serious committment and everyone involved has to be in it to win it. It's not some casual work relationship. Rather, it's more like getting married. Pick the wrong co-founders, and your startup could easily fail. It's happened to our founder with previous startups and countless others in the industry. If you're looking to start a company, DO NOT engage with potential co-founders until you've read this article I wrote to help illuminate the process: How to Find Co-Founders, and What to Look For. #startup #founder #founders #cofounder #cofounders #business

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