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adult learning and writing about startup failure
Founder Success

Why Learning About Startup Failure is Critical to Succeed

If you’re thinking of starting a startup or you’re already a startup founder, then this post will help you discover why learning about startup failure is critical to startup succeed. The startup world is very inclusive, but it’s also a

keys to startup success
Company Culture

25 Keys to Startup Success & Founder’s Success

Today we’re discussing 25 keys to startup success because only 10% of startups succeed overall and that means 90% of startups fail. Moreover, 75% of venture-backed startups fail, and our goal at StartupDevKit is to empower everyone to be as

Raising venture capital investment
Founder Success

Raising Venture Capital: What Startups Need Before Fundraising

Startups often approach raising venture capital (VC) prematurely by attempting to talk to investors about their idea.  They think they have the next billion-dollar startup idea, but they have nothing to show for it because it’s just an idea. There

Founder Success

The 8 Morning Secrets of Successful People

Top performing entrepreneurs have one thing in common. They have successful morning habits. Learn eight morning secrets of successful people in this infographic from LeisureJobs. Thanks for reading! If you’d like to read more about how to develop great habits

Founder Success

17 Buddhist Quotes that Augment Startup Mindset

This post features 17 Buddhist quotes that help entrepreneurs and startup founders develop a stronger startup mindset. Every entrepreneur and especially every startup founder undergoes difficulties and problems throughout their journeys. Because startup success is dependent on startup mindset, it

startup failure - no product-market fit
Founder Success

Why No Product-Market Fit Causes 42% of Startups to Fail

Chapter 1: No Market Need (No Product-Market Fit) (42%) These are excerpts of the first chapter of the book I’ve been writing (soon to be released) called Startup Survival Secrets. It goes through the top 20 reasons why startups fail,

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