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startup product sketch for how to build a minimum viable product post
Minimum Viable Product

How to Build a Minimum Viable Product

In this post, I’ll discuss steps to building an MVP, seven ways of how you can build a minimum viable product, and I provide resources and insights to help you do it and continue thereafter. Background A minimum viable product

Raising venture capital investment
Founder Success

Raising Venture Capital: What Startups Need Before Fundraising

Startups often approach raising venture capital (VC) prematurely by attempting to talk to investors about their idea.  They think they have the next billion-dollar startup idea, but they have nothing to show for it because it’s just an idea. There

Guy Kawasaki Art of Disruption and disrupting with startups
Hiring / Recruiting

10 Rules for Building a Disruptive Technology Startup

Creating a disruptive technology with your startup, a startup that aims to change the world, is not an easy task. But this article shows you the ten rules to follow for creating disruptive technology and a disruptive startup overall. However,

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