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startup website UX/UI template and examples
How to Start a Startup

How to Structure a Startup Website that Converts

To structure a startup website that converts, startups need a combination of good UX/UI design, good copy (the way the content is worded) where the website has an overarching narrative that matches the intent of the target customer, funnel optimization,

freelance website
Hiring / Recruiting

15 Best Freelance Websites to Hire Top Talent

Startups, whether bootstrapped or not, usually rely on freelancers and contractors in some form. Whether it’s programming, design, virtual assistance, or something else, it helps when you can hire talent quickly and confidently. That’s why we put together this list

team of testers for desktop and mobile app beta testing sites
Beta Testing

The 17 Best Desktop and Mobile App Beta Testing Sites

Searching to find a list of all of the beta testing sites for testing your startup’s app was tough, but not anymore! That’s why I scoured Google and made a list of all of the desktop and mobile app beta

web design trends
Conversion Rate Optimization

Web Design & UI/UX Trends to Boost Conversions

Web design trends and UI/UX are an extremely important aspect of any business now. And having poor design can ruin your first impression on your potential customer. That’s why startups should be keen on making good design a priority. Breaking

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