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free facebook marketing strategies
Content Marketing

38 Facebook Marketing Strategies for Growth and Sales

People are looking for too many quick fixes and growth hacks out there that will magically do the work for them. The thing about Facebook, though, is that there’s no quick fix for sustainable growth from Facebook. Facebook marketing is

Twitter marketing strategies banner

7 Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Startup’s Tribe

If you’re looking to make an impact on Twitter and get more sales for your startup, then you’re going to want to learn Twitter marketing strategies to grow your business. Twitter is one of the most popular marketing channels to

Conversion Rate Optimization

4 Steps to Optimizing for Clicks and Conversions with Google Adwords

When it comes to optimizing conversions with Google Adwords, there are four steps that you’ll learn about in this post. When properly implemented, these steps will enable you to create better ads that convert more visitors into leads and/or more

Business Model

10 Popular Business Models for B2B & B2C Startups with Pricing Tips

Now it’s time to figure out which business model to use for your startup. In this article, we’ll talk about each of the ten business models, with current examples of popular companies that use them. These business models don’t necessarily

Content Marketing

The Definitive Guide to B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing is one of the best ways to demonstrate authority, provide value to users, and get leads. But if the art and/or science of it is unclear to you, then you should definitely be reading this guide so

Conversion Rate Optimization

How to Create Email Nurture Campaigns for Your Startup

If you’re like any founder or marketer with a growth-based mindset, then you want to maximize your results when you get leads. Who wouldn’t? And that’s because numbers matter for a startup, but it’s having the right kind of numbers.

Top Viral Marketing Tools to Get Traffic and Leads Fast

14 Viral Marketing Tools to Get Traffic and Leads Fast

Viral marketing tools are one of the best ways to get traffic and leads and within your niche fast. What’s great about viral marketing is the huge impact it has in generating buzz for your business or startup that can

analytics - startup metrics - startup KPIs - header image

34 Types of Startup Metrics to Measure (with Examples)

Startup metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are important to understand and keep track of so your startup can measure, analyze, and grow your business using data, rather than blindly trying to grow. But not all key performance indicators were

Content Marketing

14 Startup Marketing Strategies to Use on Social Media

Social media marketing is more important for startups now than ever before and creating the right strategy can make or break your ability to succeed with your startup. With social media network sizes in the billions of users, we have

Customer Profiles and Buyer Personas

How to Build Customer Profiles and Buyer Personas

It’s incredibly important to know how to build customer profiles and buyer personas for every startup and business so you can have an effective marketing and sales strategy. No business should be without this information and it’s a vital aspect of how

sales funnel banner - lead generation strategies
Business Development

10 Key Lead Generation Strategies to Grow Your Startup Fast

I wrote this post for people who are looking to find lead generation strategies and tactics for their business or startup. This post will help you in building your sales pipeline and learn key lead generation strategies for email list

Startup directories sites

The Top 30 High Traffic Startup Directories for Promoting Startups

We found the best startup directories with higher traffic so you don’t waste your time on low-traffic directories. Almost every one of the online startup directories in this post’s list is comprised of thousands of other startups and tech enthusiasts.

LinkedIn marketing best practices: a powerful guide for growth, via StartupDevKit
Social Media Marketing

10 LinkedIn Marketing Best Practices: A Guide for Growth

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful social media marketing platform and it’s the number one network for professionals. Yet so many people using LinkedIn are doing it the wrong way. Users are making useless connections, don’t know how to properly connect

Facebook ads
Digital Advertising (Ads)

How to Run a Successful Facebook Ads Campaign

With the news of Facebook deciding to make their newsfeed feature more content from friends and family and less content from businesses, Facebook ads are more important now than ever before. Whether you’re a brand new startup or a business

Conversion Rate Optimization

How to Growth Hack Your Startup: A Guide

Learning how to growth hack a startup is an extremely worthwhile process and it’s a critical part of finding out how to be sustainable in the long term. That’s because your vision, product, and users become fully aligned when you

web design trends
Conversion Rate Optimization

Web Design & UI/UX Trends to Boost Conversions

Web design trends and UI/UX are an extremely important aspect of any business now. And having poor design can ruin your first impression on your potential customer. That’s why startups should be keen on making good design a priority. Breaking

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