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startup product sketch for how to build a minimum viable product post
Minimum Viable Product

How to Build a Minimum Viable Product

In this post, I’ll discuss steps to building an MVP, seven ways of how you can build a minimum viable product, and I provide resources and insights to help you do it and continue thereafter. Background A minimum viable product

analytics - startup metrics - startup KPIs - header image

34 Types of Startup Metrics to Measure (with Examples)

Startup metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are important to understand and keep track of so your startup can measure, analyze, and grow your business using data, rather than blindly trying to grow. But not all key performance indicators were

Raising venture capital investment
Founder Success

Raising Venture Capital: What Startups Need Before Fundraising

Startups often approach raising venture capital (VC) prematurely by attempting to talk to investors about their idea.  They think they have the next billion-dollar startup idea, but they have nothing to show for it because it’s just an idea. There

how to validate a startup idea and do idea validation
How to Start a Startup

The Top 4 Ways To Do Startup Idea Validation

In this post, we show you four ways of how you can test and validate your startup idea.  Hopefully, it’s a really awesome idea! Since 42% of startups fail from building products or services with no market need, it’s important

Guy Kawasaki Art of Disruption and disrupting with startups
Hiring / Recruiting

10 Rules for Building a Disruptive Technology Startup

Creating a disruptive technology with your startup, a startup that aims to change the world, is not an easy task. But this article shows you the ten rules to follow for creating disruptive technology and a disruptive startup overall. However,

startup failure - no product-market fit
Founder Success

Why No Product-Market Fit Causes 42% of Startups to Fail

Chapter 1: No Market Need (No Product-Market Fit) (42%) These are excerpts of the first chapter of the book I’ve been writing (soon to be released) called Startup Survival Secrets. It goes through the top 20 reasons why startups fail,

team of testers for desktop and mobile app beta testing sites
Beta Testing

The 17 Best Desktop and Mobile App Beta Testing Sites

Searching to find a list of all of the beta testing sites for testing your startup’s app was tough, but not anymore! That’s why I scoured Google and made a list of all of the desktop and mobile app beta

Conversion Rate Optimization

How to Growth Hack Your Startup: A Guide

Learning how to growth hack a startup is an extremely worthwhile process and it’s a critical part of finding out how to be sustainable in the long term. That’s because your vision, product, and users become fully aligned when you

Lean Startup Methodology

The Top Reason Why Startups Fail & How to Prevent It

There many reasons for why startups fail.  However, in this post, we’ll dig deep into the top reason why startups fail & how to prevent it. That’s also because it’s also the most important thing you want to prevent and

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