20 Venture Capital Blogs You Absolutely Have to Read

Manhattan financial district where some venture capital firms are located

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Whether you’re looking to raise venture capital investment or not, learning from industry experts via venture capital blogs is one of the best ways you can continually and exponentially grow. More often than not, these VCs were once founders and high-level operators, so they’ve been in your shoes.

And don’t worry bootstrappers, you can bootstrap and still take the advice of VCs from these or other blogs. But be aware that there are some topics that are better geared for people who have raised capital or are trying to – use your best judgement. On the whole, I’m sure you’ll find all of these venture capital blogs to be very insightful and full of wisdom, whether you’re a first time founder or a repeat founder. Have a gander and find out for yourself.

Top Picks for Venture Capital Firm Blogs

In no particular order, check out these fantastic VC blogs to help you and your startup level up.

1. AVC Blog by Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures)

  • Read daily, concise posts on VC insights, trends, and advice. Short reads with high impact.
  • Perfect for founders seeking quick, actionable insights to stay informed about the ever-evolving venture landscape.

2. Tomasz Tunguz (VC @ Theory)

  • Experience data-driven analyses of VC trends, company valuations, and market dynamics.
  • Tunguz does deep dives backed by thorough research, providing startup founders with a solid understanding of the quantitative aspects shaping the VC ecosystem.

3. Hunter Walk (Partner at Homebrew)

  • Find thoughtful essays on product, marketing, and building successful startups.
  • Experienced entrepreneur and investor shares valuable lessons, catering to founders aiming to create impactful products and effective go-to-market strategies.

4. Both Sides of the Table by Mark Suster (Upfront Ventures)

  • Discover insightful commentary on the tech industry, venture capital, and startup wisdom.
  • Bold opinions and engaging writing, making it an essential read for founders navigating the complex landscape of entrepreneurship and investment.

5. Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)The era of Artificial Intelligence is here - Marc Andreessen

  • The blog of the renowned VC firm, featuring articles and essays from various partners on tech trends, portfolio companies, and investment thesis.
  • A must-read for founders wanting to align their vision with industry-leading perspectives and understand the latest developments in technology. They’re one of the biggest players in Silicon Valley.

6. a16z Podcast (Andreessen Horowitz)

“Every time you make the hard, correct decision you become a bit more courageous, and every time you make the easy, wrong decision you become a bit more cowardly. If you are CEO, these choices will lead to a courageous or cowardly company.” – Ben Horowitz, Co-Founder and Investor from the VC firm Andreesen Horowitz; Former CEO of Opsware

  • While not technically a blog, you can find transcripts and key takeaways from the popular a16z podcast, making it blog-like, and featuring interviews with tech leaders and deep dives into industry trends.
  • You’ll have access to valuable conversations in written form, allowing founders like yourself to glean insights from influential figures in a digestible format.

7. The Twenty Minute VC by Harry Stebbings (20VC)

  • Find this podcast-inspired blog with questions and key takeaways from interviews with successful VCs and entrepreneurs.
  • Great for discovering new voices and ideas, providing founders with diverse perspectives on venture capital and startup success.

8. First Round Review

  • Review is the blog of the early-stage VC firm First Round Capital, featuring incredible insights on startup growth, hiring, and building great companies. One of our favorites. ⭐
  • Find practical tips and case studies from their VCs, founders, and operators, offering actionable advice for founders at the critical early stages.

9. Feld Thoughts by Brad Feld (Techstars)

  • Discover this blog on the venture ecosystem, entrepreneurship, and community building.
  • Experienced VC shares his wisdom and perspectives, providing a valuable resource for founders looking to understand the broader dynamics of the startup world.

10. Paul Graham’s Essays

  • Here’s the collection of essays by Paul Graham (Y Combinator) on startups, technology, and the future.
  • Thought-provoking and insightful reads from a prominent figure in the VC world, offering timeless advice for founders navigating the startup journey.

11. 500 Startups Blog

  • Find this VC blog of the early-stage VC firm & accelerator, 500 Startups, featuring articles and interviews with entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Focus on startup growth, fundraising, and building successful companies, providing practical insights for founders looking to scale their ventures.

12. Stories from Sequoia Capital

  • Gain a unique glimpse into the world of high-growth startups, featuring firsthand accounts of successes, failures, and invaluable lessons learned.
  • Hear inspiring stories from founders and investors, offering insights into Sequoia’s investment thesis and the secrets behind building iconic companies.

13. The Full Ratchet by John Gaudio (Sequoia Capital)

  • A great blog on the venture capital ecosystem, fundraising, and building successful startups.
  • Actionable insights and practical advice from a seasoned investor, serving as a guide for founders navigating the complexities of fundraising and scaling

14. NextView Ventures Blog

  • Dive into the world of early-stage B2B software startups with NextView Ventures‘ insightful blog, who are comprised of former high-level, experienced founders.
  • Expect data-driven analysis, actionable advice, and thought leadership on emerging trends in enterprise technology, SaaS, and marketing.

15. NFX Library

  • Explore the intellectual playground of NFX, a VC firm known for funding unicorns and their deep understanding of network effects which help to make unicorn startups.
  • The NFX Library is a treasure trove of essays, articles, and research papers providing frameworks to analyze and invest in the next generation of network-powered giants.

16. Primary Venture Partners – First Edition

  • Join the conversation with Primary Venture Partners, a VC firm focused on early-stage B2C startups with global ambitions.
  • “First Edition” offers a curated selection of thought pieces, interviews, and market analyses relevant to B2C entrepreneurs and investors. Expect insights on consumer trends, scaling strategies, brand building, and navigating the complexities of the global marketplace.

17. Open View Partners Blog

  • Explore actionable strategies and insights tailored for high-growth software companies, covering topics such as scaling operations, product-market fit, and effective leadership in the dynamic tech landscape.
  • Access a wealth of knowledge from industry experts, featuring in-depth articles and resources that provide practical guidance on scaling SaaS businesses, navigating funding landscapes, and staying ahead in a competitive market.

18. Sam Altman’s Blog – OpenAI Co-Founder & CEO, Former President of Y Combinator

  • Delve into the mind of entrepreneur and investor Sam Altman, as he shares profound perspectives on technology, startups, and the future of innovation.
  • Navigate through thought-provoking essays that offer candid reflections on the challenges and opportunities in the startup ecosystem, providing valuable insights for both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs.

19. Andrew Chen’s Blog – Partner at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)

  • Explore Andrew Chen’s in-depth analysis and practical advice on growth strategies, user acquisition, and building products that scale, backed by his extensive experience at companies like Uber and Airbnb.
  • Gain insights into data-driven marketing techniques, behavioral economics, and product-market fit, as Andrew Chen shares his expertise in driving sustainable growth in today’s competitive digital landscape.

20. This is Going to Be Big by Charlie O’Donnell – VC at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

  • Follow Charlie O’Donnell’s journey through the New York City startup scene, offering an insider’s perspective on emerging trends, notable founders, and the pulse of innovation in the vibrant NYC tech community.
  • Immerse yourself in the stories of entrepreneurs and startups. Charlie O’Donnell explores the human side of building companies, showcasing the diversity of experiences and challenges faced in the startup world.


We hope you enjoyed our specially curated list of venture capital blogs. And if you’re brand new to the startup scene with your first startup idea, and you’re looking to raise capital, check out our post, Raising Venture Capital: What Startups Need Before Fundraising, and How to Raise Venture Capital for a Startup.

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