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StartupDevKit Pro - 14-Day Free-Trial - Incubator Membership

To sign up, scroll to the bottom of the page and you may either register via social login or by clicking the link to create a username and password.  

General incubator benefits:

  • Join the incubator program without filling out any applications and save time.
  • You can start accelerating your growth right now. No waiting for applications to open up!
  • The platform is usable by your whole team since there's helpful content for nearly all disciplines.
  • No geographic restrictions. We are based in New York but you can participate from anywhere in the world.
  • Work at your own pace, although we highly encourage working productively with focus and speed.
  • Keep you equity and save it for future rounds of fundraising. We have reasonable pricing with 1/3/6/12 month tiers so you can get a plan according to how long you will need incubation.

How the incubator program can help you:

Get personalized guidance to help you develop a clear roadmap and reach your milestones with weekly feedback anywhere from the idea phase to post-launch. Get personalized guidance and feedback from your weekly progress reports, helping you develop a clear roadmap and enabling you to reach your milestones anywhere from idea phase to post-launch.
Discover all about how to start, develop, manage, and sustainably grow your startup through hundreds of videos, guides, templates, checklists, strategies, slide decks, and podcast episodes from industry leaders. The lean startup method is only the beginning!
Build your startup's team Find out how to build a stellar team and company culture that will last the test of time and propel your startup forward because your team is your startup's most valuable asset aside from the idea and its business model.
optimize your conversion rates See how you can optimize your conversion rates, grow sustainably, and scale your startup with our vast collection of growth, marketing, and growth hacking resources.
hundreds of categorized startup services and tools View hundreds of categorized services and tools with links with descriptions - many of which startups need to start, run, and grow - including the best legal resources for startups. Think StartupStash, but more streamlined into spreadsheets.
get the best venture capital firm lists at startupdevkit Get the best pre-seed, seed, and series A venture capital firm lists (mainly from the United States right now) and fundraising materials to help you successfully raise capital for your startup. Locate firms by location, industry focus, and investment stage.
Productivity, mindsets, stress reduction, and personal development Increase your productivity, learn the best entrepreneurial mindsets, discover how to reduce stress, and become a rockstar entrepreneur through personal development.
increase startup success with startup survival secrets Learn how to drastically increase the chances of your startup’s chances of success (90% fail) through our book, Startup Survival Secrets, and from everything else you get from your membership.

Notable resources

  • Go-to market strategies that will help you grow your startup to new heights. There are marketing methodologies, sales funnel optimization techniques, social media marketing strategies, content marketing plans, and more.
  • 30+ blog articles, written in-house, by our founder, Carl Potak.
  • Early stage U.S. venture capital firm lists that actively invest. We have lists of firms that focus on pre-seed, seed, and series A investments.
  • Press contact list featuring over 3300 contacts.
  • Over 550 startup tools and services to use via categorized spreadsheet
  • Free copy of Startup Survival Secrets, our book about how to fight against startup failure and beat the odds.
  • Startup video center with tons of videos to help you in all areas.

Please note:

Every startup is different and joins at a different stage, so there is no one-size fits all kind of approach, so we will customize an approach to match with where you are right now. There are no guarantees that you will succeed with your startup. We will do our best to help you so that you are positioned to create success. We will be encouraging and friendly, but honest and critical if we see something wrong. We are nice about it though. We want you to get guidance that helps you improve in every way - sometimes that means doing some "homework" like readings to help you catch up. While we don't do the work for you, we can guide you. This has been asked of us and we just don't have the time - sorry ladies and gents. --- Register below for a free 30+ minute planning and strategy call to go over your startup's unique needs (A $250+ value. Eligible for the first 10 signups each week (must fill out the onboarding questionnaire after joining to qualify)).

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