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Key Benefits

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Get hundreds of essential resources to grow your startup — all in one place.

Time is Money

Spend less time looking for authoritative content to help you grow and spend more time working on what matters. Time saved is money saved.


Here Are Some of the Resources You’ll Get Through Our Platform

Startup Development

  • startup development with online/virtual startup incubator StartupDevKitTons of idea validation, startup development, startup failure, and product development resources to help you validate, build, and grow your startup successfully.
  • Legal document templates to make creating contracts easier (not a substitute for legal advice/services).
  • An easy-to-access list of hundreds of over 500 startup tools that are organized by category in a Google spreadsheet.
  • Management resources to help you build and run your company.
  • Hiring and recruiting resources to help you grow your team.
  • Lots of product development resources to help you build your prototype or full version.


  • Raising venture capital investmentFundraising resources and materials to help new founders learn how to fundraise properly.
  • Videos on fundraising best practices in our video center.
  • Pitch deck templates from highly-regarded VC firms.
  • A list of over 200 angel investors to source pre-seed and seed capital from AngelList.
  • Seed and pre-seed VC firms lists to find investors easier by only seeing firms who actively invest in the designated funding round (we cross referenced them). Find by location, geographic focus, industry focus, and stage.

Marketing and Growth

  • 21 sections of 100+ marketing resources to help you grow.
  • Original & curated go-to-market strategies, pre-launch and launch strategies, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.
  • 80+ marketing templates to simplify and organize your processes.
  • A conversion rate optimization guide for lead generation, nurturing, and customer development.
  • Over two dozen growth case-studies and stories and resources on how to craft great pre-launch campaigns.
  • 25+ resources on email marketing so you can maximize your leads and sales.

Press Coverage and Business Development

  • An awesome guide on how to get press, even if you have none.
  • Supporting information to assist in learning about business development, best practices for startups, and recommended books.
  • Best practices articles on networking and relationship building for startups in particular.
  • Business development and press lists to help you accelerate quicker, such as:
    • 3,300 press contacts with contact info in just about every industry, mainly for startups.
    • A 20,000 contact/person media list of newspapers, TV channels, magazines, and radio stations with contact info.
    • 6,000 U.S. startup CEOs list with emails and LinkedIn profile URLs for business development.
    • 33,000 small, medium, and large U.S. companies list to seek potential business opportunities with them.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A Couple Testimonials From Our Members

“StartupDevKit has been indispensable for my startup with the wealth of different resources, the mentoring, and feedback I’ve received from its Founder, Carl Potak. Since working with him, we have raised a full seed round in funding for our blockchain startup. I would implore any startup founder to tap into his knowledge, the vast startup resources this platform has to offer, and will continue to bring.” – Thomas McLaughlin, Jr. Co-Founder and CEO, Blockstake

“As a virtual reality gaming and content studio that started in mid-2018, it was hard finding people who believed in us and our vision. Carl told us upfront he wasn’t overly familiar with the VR industry, but said he could still provide us with meaningful support and expert startup knowledge in startup development and marketing practices.

We’re happy to say he was right and we have definitely enjoyed working with Carl. Not only has he given us great advice that has helped us grow, but he’s helped to keep the team motivated and focused. StartupDevKit’s platform combined with his mentoring has been a game-changer for us and look forward to continuing working with him.”  – The Team at DVNC, DVNC Tech, LLC

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