How the Incubator Program Helps You

Sometimes the stories we want to hear the least, are the stories we need to hear the most. Startup failure affects 90% of startups, but it’s not widely discussed because it’s not as appealing. But the fact of the matter is that a great deal of startup failures occur because the founders lacked essential elements of ideation, proper idea validation, and foundational company building, accounting for more than 60% of startup failures. It’s amazing how much the incubator program we’ve created will help you plan and validate or invalidate your startup idea and increase your probability of success. By taking part in it, you can avoid making the same mistakes that are attributed to the top reasons that cause 90% of startups to fail so you can be in a better position to succeed.

Not only have we seen startups implode from the outside, but we’ve been a part of some who have imploded on the inside, too. Experiencing it first hand is gut-wrenching due to the stress, anguish, disappointment, and anxiety – we wish this on nobody.

That’s why we, as a company, are standing up to help the startup community learn how to prevent the same mistakes that cause failure. We’ve learned from our experiences but also of the collective community who have shared their experiences.

And we are sharing these lessons with you so you can benefit from them. So you can save time, money, energy, reduce stress, and build a fulfilling and enriching startup.

Building and Testing Your Vision

But of course, we are sharing best practices with you too! It’s not all about flailing and failing. We help you develop into an amazing founder and help you get into the mindset of the potential life of a founder.

We show you all of the major elements that go into creating a startup idea that can turn into a successful tech startup.

The lessons give you ample opportunities to test and retest your ideas, if at first, the results of your ideal customer interviews weren’t encouraging.

Our resource library, forums, and community give you even more outlets to learn and grow as you work through the idea validation course.

And you can get feedback about your idea from our community of members in the program.

What Happens if My Idea Gets Validated?

If/once your idea becomes validated, you will be on an extraordinary path to grow your company and build your dream team.

Our lessons will help you learn how to build a well-balanced team and where you can find more potential co-founders or teammates so you can speed up your journey and take some of the pressure off of your shoulders.

The program give you guidance on how to proceed if/when your idea becomes validated so you can continue to incubate your idea into the makings of a company.

Once you complete the Incubator Program, you will be tasked with finding one or two capable individuals to share your amazing journey with. And it will be easier to attract them because you will have fully vetted your startup idea already.

You will have started to build a rock-solid foundation for your new company by creating much of your most important documentation that will serve as your strategy to align your vision with your goals.

And, by creating and using these documents, you will help reduce your chances of startup failure several-fold.

What Happens if My Idea Doesn’t get Validated?

If your idea doesn’t get validated, then your efforts will provide you with peace of mind that you completely followed through with your startup idea and gave it your best shot at trying to give it a go.

Because of this, it will allow you to emotionally let go, too.

And, you’ll have saved loads of time and money from not pouring everything into an idea that wasn’t going to go anywhere.

That means this subscription will have completely paid for itself and did its job.

Moreover, you will have also gained valuable new skills.

When you finish the Incubator Program with a validated idea, you will be in a great spot to continue your development and growth with a much stronger foundation and with our awesome accelerator program that is of even greater depth than our Incubator program lessons and will take you step-by-step through your early-stage journey.

Our programs are an affordable and potent investment both in yourself and your startup. You won’t get this type of training anywhere else. That’s why it’s important to act now so you can simultaneously mitigate your risk and grow.

The timing of a startup can make or break its success, so don’t wait any longer to validate and build out your startup idea into something awesome and life-changing.

Enhance your journey and get started with our Incubator Program now.