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Free Marketing Materials

Free Marketing Materials

This is a collection of proprietary free marketing materials with insights to help entrepreneurs and startup founders like yourself with your marketing strategies.

These range from the absolute basics to advanced marketing practices.

All of these marketing materials are purposely made so that you can learn more about marketing strategy, marketing tactics, growth hacking, and product market fit.

Attracting Your Target Users

Read this post on How to Build Your Customer Profile if you’re a new or struggling startup.

Having a customer profile will help you understand your customers on a whole different level so you can target your audience properly and drive in more targeted traffic. 

However, you still need to be convincing in your copy for your target customers to come to you, so while having an accurate customer profile is important, it’s just as important to write good copy and have a sufficiently desirable product or service.

Content Marketing & Blogging

Content marketing and blogging is the best way for you to get free traffic to your website and it has so many benefits.

Not only does content marketing increase your rankings in Google and Bing, but it positions you as an authority on the subject to the reader. 

If you do content marketing on social media, then it increases your fan-base and brings traffic from social media to your website.  

Additionally, content marketing:

  • Increases your visitors’ time spent on your website
  • Helps get you more leads
  • Decreases your bounce rate
  • Your search engine optimization

Check out this Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing for Startups so you can learn all about why content marketing is so awesome and how to do it yourself!

Growth Hacking

Learn How to Growth Hack Your Startup.

This guide will teach you what growth hacking is, how to growth hack your startup, and show you how you can harness it to create a product with product market fit.

Marketing Strategy

Read this post on The Top Reason Why Startups Fail & How to Prevent It.

When you read the above post, you’ll see that it’s all about marketing strategy, product development, and product market fit.

Social Media Marketing Strategies & Tactics

Check out this post on 14 Social Media Marketing Strategies & Tactics to Accelerate Your Social Media Growth.

The above guide details 14 marketing strategies and tactics you can use across all different social media platforms.

Moreover, these marketing strategies will increase your social media presence, authority, and ultimately drive more traffic back to your website.

This is a great guide on Twitter Marketing Best Practices to Make You an Authority. 

If you’re looking to make an impact on Twitter and get more sales for your startup, then you’re going to want to learn Twitter marketing strategy and best practices, so check out the guide in the above link.

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