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Hello! Welcome to our platform tour! We’re just going to share the different aspects of our platform so you can easily see what’s what.

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The platform and site are fully responsive, so you can use them easily on any smart device with a browser.
All of the links we’re sharing with you here are the same as the ones on the platform dashboard.Just bookmark or favorite the dashboard URL to easily access everything!

OG Resource Library

OG Resource Library

New Resource Library

New Resource Library

Incubator Forums

Incubator Forums

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Startup Tools Directory

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Idea Validation Course

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Priming Your Mind for Idea Validation

Lesson Format:

The lesson format is easy and getting started is effortless!

You’ll read the specialized content in the lessons and from the shared resources we provide.

Then, at the end of each lesson (minus a few), there are assignments that will help you put what you learned into action and help you build the foundation for your startup idea.

We’ve chosen the lesson format as text over video because there are a lot of steps during idea validation which you will likely have to go back to. Video playback isn’t the greatest for following directions, but text is.

Please note that after the 4th lesson, you will be unable to advance further unless you upgrade your free trial to a paid Incubator membership.

The First Four Incubator Lessons

Lessons 1 and 2:

The content you read will set the stage up for the rest of the program. It’s going to prime your mind for idea validation and foundation building for your startup.

You should be able to read both of them within less than 20 minutes. It’s an easy way to get started, learn some fundamentals, and knock out the first two lessons.

Each lesson is comprehensive after the 2nd lesson.

Lesson 3:

Here is where you start getting into the nitty gritty of your idea, your vision around it, and the factors that contribute to its potential.

This is where you’ll really have to put your thinking cap on.

There, you’ll be provided with your first exercise and it will allow you to get your juices flowing so you can develop your idea into a loose and tentative business plan.

Pro Tip:

The amount of time it will take depends on the maturity of your idea.

It might take you up to several hours to complete if your idea is in its absolute infancy, so get started on lesson 3 sooner than later.

Lesson 4:

In the fourth lesson, we’ll talk about some different topics: founding team dynamics, why you should find a qualified CTO, and we talk about the skill fits of potential teammates and your own skills.
You will be doing skills assessments with two exercises at the end of this lesson so you can get a gauge of where you are.



Click image to go to the Incubator Forum

This is our brand new Incubator Program forum that we’re excited to roll out!

Questions that you may have in relation to the lessons in the idea validation course should be asked here.

Your questions will get answered here by us, and by any other community members who want to share their insights.

If you have questions that are outside of our program’s lesson curriculum, but are of a pre-launch or idea validation nature, you can ask them by creating a new topic in the forum at the bottom of the Incubator Program forum page.

If you have any questions that don’t relate to these topics or don’t relate to the aforementioned, you can ask them in the general forum by creating a new topic or replying in an existing topic that’s relevant to what you had in mind.

The forums are also there so you can connect and socialize with other people in the startup world from within the general forum.

By participating in our discussion forums, you will also give other startups the opportunity to learn from the questions you have, experiences you share, and the answers we provide.  Doing so may potentially answer questions that people already have and will make others’ lives easier.

We look forward to connecting with you there.

Our Resource Libraries

We have two libraries. One is what we’ve had for years but are phasing out, and the other is the new resource library that will be taking its place.

How to Use These Libraries to Your Advantage

  • Find content that will help you with the validation of your startup idea and to help you build the foundation for your prospective startup
  • Learn more about critical aspects of startups that will enable you to develop or grow your idea or startup better
  • Enhance existing skills and get better at your job as a founder or essential teammate
  • Learn new information to help you become more productive and deal with the mental stress of building and growing a startup
  • Find and share helpful content with teammates to empower them

OG Resource Library v1.5

This is our original resource library with a few tweaks in content organization and formatting. Formerly the Incubator and Accelerator Platform Dashboard, and now dubbed the “OG Resource Library,” you can find great curated content to help you learn on the fly and skill-up on the topics available.

Below is a snapshot of the idea validation page of the OG library.

As you can see from the tabs, there are quite a few topics that you can gain insight on.Specifically, you can go to the idea validation section to find content that will be enlightening to you and save you time during this idea validation phase of your journey.

You will also find many of these categories helpful for you during this idea validation phase.

Take a look through them!

The tab-based content is incredibly easy to navigate.

You and your teammates who have accounts will save quite a few hours of time from having to look for authoritative content on the web.

And time is money.

Pro Tip:

Want to save what you want to read, watch, or listen to for another time? Here are some third party tools/apps:

  • Bookmark in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Add to your “Reading List” on Chrome or Safari, or with Firefox using this extension
  • Favorite in Edge
  • Add to your reading list in Pocket
  • Schedule content consumption into your daily calendar so you don’t forget
  • Listen via Audioread

Next up is our new resource library!

The New Resource Library

We’re moving the content from the OG library into the new library, as we strive to make it the most comprehensive library of top-notch curated resources on the planet for the startup community.

Within the pages of the new resource library, we share links, images, pro tips, and commentary that make it easier to know what will be helpful for founders and their teammates within those disciplines.

You can even search for any content on our website with the search bar as you can see below.

This new resource library has a new block and page-based format, like the dashboard has.

We’re switching to this format so we can:

  • Provide you with more in-depth content in any given category
  • Remove content bottlenecks from the application that the OG Library runs on so we don’t break it by adding too much content
  • Improve usability
  • Improve speed
  • Remove dependencies on external software which enable the tabs to function in the OG library

Growth and Marketing has its own internal library of content that’s still being filled up. Otherwise, you can find content on any other vertical listed.

They’ll soon get filled up, as we’ve already curated just about all of the content for them.

Here’s a sneak peek snapshot of the business and startup fundamentals page. The screenshot below is only a partial capture of the content available.

Click image to go to the page

Startup Video Center

This is a part of the resource library, but it’s notable because everyone likes videos! You will only find quality content here.

Click image to go to the video center

Startup Tools

Click image to go the page

These days, companies can not survive without the help of SaaS tools.

But there are SO many.

How do you find them?

Well, we’ve a huge list of startup tools categorized by type that will make your life easier when you want to look for tools.

While it doesn’t contain every tool known to the world, you’ll find over 550 of them that will help you kickstart your search and reduce time-spent on it.

There are a ton of different lists for different types of tools.

Take your pick!

It’s kind of like Product Hunt but in spreadsheet format, which makes it easier to find tools rather than having to HUNT for them. Hunting takes a lot of time.

This is also a part of our resource library, but on our main platform dashboard because of its importance and need for ease of access, as well.

You can find this tools list pretty easily through our Platform Dashboard and on your menu.

Our Blog

You can find over 50 blog articles that go through the ins and outs of startups, providing you with insights to help you build and grow. There’s a lot of really helpful content for for prospective and new founders. We highly suggest you take a gander through the blog to see what might be able to help you.
Click image to go to Blog

Wrapping Up

These additional aspects of our platform will be very helpful tools for you to utilize during your journey.They will save you hours of time per week, and therefore, money.

If you save three hours a week and make $40/hour, you’re saving $120 a week and $480 a month.

Cha ching!

And bam, just like that, an annual paid subscription with us will have already paid off in less than three weeks.

If even just an hour a week is saved, that’s $160 worth of your time saved.

That makes our platform a must-have no-brainer for most prospective founders.

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